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Renowned Financial Expert Dr. Rowena Liboon Imparts Valuable Insights on the Philippine Stock Exchange and ASEAN Financial Market to KU BBA International Program Students

Dr. Rowena Liboon, a highly esteemed financial expert hailing from the Philippines, graced the students of Kasetsart University’s BBA International Program with her profound knowledge and expertise. As a former Vice President for Finance and Enterprise, Director of International Affairs, and Dean of the Graduate School at Central Philippine University, her credentials speak volumes about her immense experience in the field. On September 19, 2023, third-year students majoring in Finance were privileged to attend Dr. Liboon’s lecture, where she provided invaluable insights into the Philippine Stock Exchange and shed light on the numerous benefits of listing. Her lecture proved to be a transformative experience for the students, greatly enhancing their understanding of this vital aspect of the financial world. Not stopping there, on September 22, 2023, second and third-year students specializing in Finance within the BBA International Program were granted an exclusive opportunity to delve into the intricacies of the ASEAN Financial Market through Dr. Liboon’s captivating lecture. Her expertise and deep understanding of this dynamic market left an indelible impact on the students, broadening their horizons and equipping them with valuable knowledge for their future careers. Dr. Rowena Liboon’s presence as an international guest lecturer undoubtedly left an enduring impression on all those fortunate enough to attend her lectures. Her profound insights and wealth of experience have undoubtedly contributed to shaping the minds of these aspiring finance professionals, empowering them to navigate the complex world of Finance with confidence and expertise.