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BBA International Program

Kasetsart university

Philosophy of Curriculum

The Bachelor of Business Administration Program (International Program) has the clear goal of providing students with the knowledge, skills and capability for business administration with ethics. Students aim to educate, analyse and research for professional integration in business administration. Graduates of the BBA program are suitable for positions in multi-national corporation, particularly, from the AEC.

The importance of the course

Our teaching faculty staff professors and PhD scholars are active in all areas of business and professional teaching, and are recognised for their contributions to the business field of study. The faculty is one of the most modern on the BBA campus and the classrooms are equipped with the latest technologies to provide the best possible learning experience.

Objectives of Curriculum

Graduates will learn and understand business management paradigms and will have fundamental skills and capacity to lead business administration activities for active and passive integration, depending on the current environment and be able to creatively solve problems in the professional work environment in both domestic and overseas organisations.

Graduates specialised in business administration will have skills to manage information technologies particularly managing big data.

Graduates will have developed leadership skills including listening skills for Various opinions and team building skills for effective team work.

Graduates will develop positive aptitudes for business administrative roles and conduct in a honest, disciplined, ethical and socially responsible manner.