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ชื่อหลักสูตร : ภาษาไทยหลักสูตรบริหารธุรกิจบัณฑิต (หลักสูตรนานาชาติ)
ชื่อหลักสูตร : ภาษาอังกฤษBachelor of Business Administration Program (International Program)
ชื่อเต็มปริญญา : ภาษาไทยบริหารธุรกิจบัณฑิต
ชื่อย่อปริญญา : ภาษาไทยบธ.บ.
ชื่อเต็มปริญญา : ภาษาอังกฤษBachelor of Business Administration
ชื่อย่อปริญญา : ภาษาอังกฤษB.B.A.
จำนวนหน่วยกิตที่เรียนตลอดหลักสูตรไม่น้อยกว่า 121 หน่วยกิต
รูปแบบของหลักสูตรหลักสูตรระดับปริญญาตรี 4 ปี (ทางวิชาการ)


01130151Introduction of Accounting Information System

General knowledge of information systems, roles and components of information systems in organization, structures of information systems, understanding in accounting information systems, documents and documentation in accounting information systems, ethics and frauds in organizations, controls in information systems, application of accounting software package and system development.
3 Credits
01130171Financial Accounting

General accounting principles, principles of recording transactions for cash, account receivables, note receivables, inventories, investment, tangible  and intangible assets, liabilities, owner  equities, preparation of financial reports.
3 Credits
01130172Management Accounting

Importances of management accounting, cost accumulation, standard costing, activity-based costing, budgeting, flexible budgeting, cost-volume-profit analysis, responsibility accounting, segment reporting, pricing, use of accounting data for decision making.
3 Credits
01131211Business Finance

Basic principles and objectives of financial management, functions of managerial finance, financial environments, financial forecasting and planning, tools of financial management, financial analysis, capital and cost of capital, decision in long-term investment, working capital management.
3 Credits
01131241Principles and Policy of Investment

Principles and policy of securities investment, investment and speculation, factor considerations for investment, analysis, measuring of return on investment, making investment decision.
3 Credits
01132111Principles of Management

Concepts and evolution of management. Managerial jobs. Business environment affecting business management. Business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Managerial roles and management functions of managers. Business decision-making, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.
3 Credits
01133211Operations Management

Basic principles of operations management, introduction to product design, classification of process and layout, introduction to capacity management, importance of location, operating operation system, managing inventory and managing quality.
3 Credits
01133242Introduction to Electronic Commerce

Roles of electronic commerce on business, business models for electronic commerce, technology basic, World Wide Web commerce. Report of application in business.
3 Credits
01134111Principles of Marketing

Nature and process of marketing. Concepts, role, functions and factors of marketing. Market segmentation. Selecting target market. Consumer behavior. Marketing mix and marketing research.
3 Credits
01140221Law and Tax for Business

Business and legal environment, classification of business laws, legal liabilities of business in dimensions, principle of tax collection personal and business tax liabilities under the revenue code, excise tax and customs tax, personal and business tax administration.
3 Credits
01140231Economic Indicators for Forecasting

Economic Indicators affecting the behavior of individuals, household and manufacturing sector. Supply and demand mechanisms. Economic indicators either nationally, regionally or globally. Overall economic indicators of each level, consumption Index, public and private investment, import and export. The reference of economic indicator for analysis.
3 Credits
01140311Mathematics and Statistics for Business

Fundamental statistics, probability, random sampling, sampling distribution, interval estimation, hypothesis testing, variance analysis, regression and correlation, fundamental business mathematics, limits & continuity of a function, differentiation of algebraic functions, partial derivatives, integration and linear program.
3 Credits
01140491Basic Research Methods in Business

Research Principles and Methods in Business Management Research, identification of research problems, formulation of research objectives and hypotheses, collection of data, construction of questionnaire, data analysis and interpretation, application of statistics for research, report writing and presentation.
3 Credits
01140492Internship Practice

On the job training as a temporary employee according to the assigned project including report writing and presentation.
3 Credits
01140493Academic Service for Society

Apply business management knowledge to social practices.   Free academic services. Academic services for government agencies,  private or independent agencies.
3 Credits

Presentation and discussion on current interesting topics in business at the bachelor’s degree level.
1 Credits
01140498Special Problems

Study and research in business administration at the bachelor’s degree level and compile into a written report.
3 Credits

01131312Computer Applications in Financial Analysis

Techniques that should be used in financial analysis, comprehensive method for financial review and discussion of business firms.
3 Credits
01131313Financial Communication

Assigning communication formats for stakeholders, management of communication channel based on a degree of risk and return, icreasing enterprise value through efficient communication processes.
3 Credits
01131321International Finance

Operation, policies and function of international financial institutions, foreign exchange tools, foreign exchange rate system, policies of controlling and promotions, international agreements that affecting business profit, international business operations including capital taxation, labour, marketing problems and international agreements, operation of foreign department of commercial banks
3 Credits
01131331Financial Institutions

Nature and operations of financial markets and institutions classified by function. Financial intermediaries: an overview, commercial banks, thrift and insurance intermediaries, other non-bank financial intermediaries.
3 Credits
01131332Principles of Insurance

Principles, management and operations in insurance: fire insurance, marine insurance, automobile insurance, accident insurance and life insurance.
3 Credits
01131344Financial Risk Management Instruments

Risk, financial risk management, financial risk measurement, financial risk instruments for hedging, forward contract, future contract, option contract, swap contract, and case studies.
3 Credits
01131336ASEAN Financial Markets

Structure and composition of financial markets in Asia and the ASEAN economic community,  role of central banks in Asian countries, foreign exchange market, development of new financial instruments in financial markets, investment instruments, taxes for international transaction, license to conduct financial transactions in each country, international financial transaction supervision organization, and case Studies.
3 Credits
01131337Wealth Management

Importances of wealth management,  performing duties as a financial service provider , career in financial planner,  cash management planning,  financial planning, investment planning, insurance planning, retirement planning, tax and estate planning , financial plan construction,  professional ethics standard , and case studies.
3 Credits
01131338Real Estate Valuation

Principles of real estate business management, project analysis, real estate valuation, real estate convertion to financial asset, related legal management and case studies.
3 Credits
01131411Financial Planning and Control

Problems in financial planning and control in Digital Economy. Online and offline based auditing technique and managerial control. Financial managers’ decisions in profit and costs planning, budgets preparations in Digital Economy.
3 Credits
01131441Securities Analysis

Scope in securities analysis, characteristic of securities, portfolio selection process, selecting optimal portfolio, earnings and dividend estimation, the valuation theory of security.
3 Credits

01130112Intermediate Accounting I

Conceptual framework for financial reporting, principles of accounting for assets, classification, valuation and presentation of assets in the financial reports. Those are consisted of cash and cash equivalents, accounts receivable, notes receivable, inventory, investment, borrowing costs, property, plant and equipment, intangible assets, impairment of assets, investment property, non-current assets held for sale and discontinued operations, mineral resources, and agriculture.
3 Credits
01130211Intermediate Accounting II

Accounting principles and practice for liabilities and owners’ equity,  including classification, recognition and measurement, presentation and disclosure, accounting for debt restructuring, earnings per share, financial report presentation, accounting changes and error correction.
3 Credits
01130221Principle of Cost Accounting

Application of cost accounting principles, cost classification, job order costing, process costing, accounting for direct material, direct labor and manufacturing overhead, accounting for joint products and by-products, spoiled goods, scrap and waste materials, standard costing, variance analysis, just-in-time system, and activity – based costing.
3 Credits
01130351Accounting Information Systems

Business transaction processing, role of accountants in organization’s information systems, study of documents flow, types and design of documents, data and information used, and related internal control of each sub systems in accounting information systems, chart of accounts design, use of information technology in business analytic to support decision making.
3 Credits
01130453Accounting Data Analytics

Fundamental concepts of data structure, database design, techniques and types of data analytics, emerging roles of accounting analytics, accounting data analysis with analytic tools to make a better decision in business.
3 Credits
01132335Business Project Management

Project evaluation in business concerning management, production, finance, marketing, personnel and economic value of project. Calculation project benefit, decision criteria, project preparation, feasibility study and environmental effect on the project operation.
3 Credits
01132351International Business

Concept, objective and overview of business environment affecting international business. Cultural differences. Theories of international trade and economic development, and international business management.
3 Credits
01132361Business Negotiation

Concepts and theories related to business negotiation. Negotiating factors. Process of negotiation. Analysis of situations for making negotiating plans. Persuasion and business negotiating tactics. Ethical approaches of business negotiations. Case studies.
3 Credits

Nature of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial process in various contexts, issues surrounding new venture creation, innovative creation, entrepreneurial skill development.
3 Credits
01132462Family Business Management

Entrepreneurial process within the context of the family business and integration of management theories and practices to the family business.
3 Credits
01133321Tourism Management

Principles, concepts, objectives and how to operate tourism area potential evaluation and demand survey, and analyzing of tourism areas in order to do a developing plan and conservative, managing tour program.
3 Credits
01133323Hotel Management

Principles of hotel operations management. Duties and procedure of key departments in hotel business.
3 Credits
01133341Introduction to Management of Technology

Concepts and introduction to technology management, plan, organization, resources allocation, and technological strategy to increases competency and capability.
3 Credits
01133421Introduction to Hospitality Management

Nature and strategic role of the hospitality industry. Current practices in management functions in areas of planning, organization design, leadership, and control. Major components of hospitality industry including travel and tourism, lodging, and food service. Challenges and trends in hospitality industry.
3 Credits
01133427Airline Management

Airline management decision processes. Airlines and the environment.     Business models, operating costs and efficiency. Fleet, route and schedule development. Product innovations and technologies. Revenue management concepts. Distribution and operations. Passenger loyalty and relationship management.  Airline management challenges. Field trip required.
3 Credits
01140341Contemporary Human Resource Management

Modern concepts in human resource management in manpower planning, recruitment, selection, training and personnel development, performance evaluation Compensation management Labor relations, safety As well as maintaining personnel to achieve job satisfaction And effective human resource management in order to achieve long-term success
3 Credits
01140342Contemporary Management

Concepts and Contemporary management.  Managing the business environment that affects the organization.  Business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Managerial roles and management functions of managers. Business decision-making, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.
3 Credits
01140441Contemporary Value Chain Management

Concepts of Contemporary Value Chain Management. Methodologies for designing and managing integrated value chain networks. Physical distribution strategy, strategic alliances, inventory management, coordinated product and network design. Management information system for value chain.
3 Credits
01140442Contemporary Marketing Management

Marketing design under modern technology without boundary restriction. Modern marketing tools and artificial intelligence. Niche market such as luxury, sporting and tourism goods. Current topics in marketing and case studies.
3 Credits