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KU BBA International Program Embarks on a Transformative Educational Expedition to China (JUMP PROGRAM)

The Kasetsart University (KU) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) International Program is proud to announce the successful completion of the “BBA Jump Project to China.” This prestigious educational initiative occurred from March 18 to March 23, 2024, marking a milestone in the program’s history of fostering international academic relations. The expedition commenced with a hospitable reception at Soochow University. It was there that the esteemed Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thamrongsak Svetalekth, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the KU BBA International Program, together with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Waranpong Boonsiritomachai, Director, Secretary of the KU BBA International Program, and Head of the Management Department at the Faculty of Business Administration, received a warm welcome from Deputy Dean Tai Xu. The engagement provided a fertile platform for intellectual discourse, culminating in constructive dialogues about future student exchange programs, the prospect of visiting professorships, and the potential for joint research endeavors. These discussions are anticipated to enhance the educational experiences of KU students significantly. A pivotal moment of the journey was the exclusive tour of the Volkswagen factory, offering the students a unique and enlightening perspective into the meticulous world of automotive manufacturing. Observing the sophisticated production process up close afforded the students…

KU BBA International Program Hosts Esteemed Audit Director for Insightful Lecture Series

From March 5 to 8th, 2024, it was our honor to welcome Mr. Muhammad Jaseem Khan, Audit Director at Grant Thornton LLP in Boston, USA, to deliver an enlightening series of lectures over four days. Mr. Khan, who has an impressive professional tenure exceeding thirteen years in international accounting, auditing, and financial reporting, imparted his extensive knowledge to the first-year KU BBA International Program students. The scope of the lecture series was extensive, addressing several critical topics, including: -Detailed examination of financial statements and financial ratios -An in-depth discussion on the nuances of property, plant, and equipment, intangible assets, and impairment considerations – Comprehensive analysis of trade receivables and the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) model Mr. Khan distinguished himself by adeptly weaving his substantial international experience with the theoretical foundations of our academic program. His ability to animate each subject with vivid, real-life examples connected the theoretical underpinnings of accounting with its practical, rapidly evolving landscape. We deeply thank Mr. Khan for sharing his expertise with us. His participation has greatly enriched our academic community, and we eagerly anticipate future engagements of a similar caliber.

Unveiling Japanese Excellence: Professor Hiroo Takahashi Enlightens Kasetsart University’s BBA Program with Dual Lectures on Management and Culinary Globalization

Kasetsart University’s BBA International Program is thrilled to share that our third-year BBA students had the extraordinary opportunity to engage with global business and cultural perspectives through two captivating lectures by the distinguished Professor Hiroo Takahashi. Renowned for his academic contributions to International Management and Business Ethics, and as the former President of the Japan Society for Business Ethics Study (JSBES), Professor Takahashi enriched our students’ educational journey with his deep expertise and experience. The students first attended a lecture on January 25, 2024, entitled “Japanese Management and Human Resource Management.” In this session, Professor Takahashi provided an in-depth analysis of the strategies employed by UNIQLO, offering a comparative study of its global challenges against those faced by ZARA and H&M. This lecture gave our third-year students a profound understanding of the intricacies of international business and the unique management style that Japan is known for. The learning continued on Valentine’s Day. Professor Takahashi returned to deliver his second lecture, “What is the Globalization of Foods – Japanese Origin Foods.” He took the students on an exploratory journey of Japan’s culinary influence worldwide, setting it against the backdrop of American fast-food giants like McDonald’s and KFC. He discussed the global…

Navigating Global HR Frontiers: Dr. Yueah Cin Liew’s Enlightening Lecture to KU’s Aspiring Business Leaders

Between February 1 and February 3, 2024, the third-year students of the KU BBA International Program were privileged to attend a series of insightful lectures delivered by the esteemed Dr. Yueah Cin Liew from Yuan ZE University in Taiwan. As the Office of International Programs Director and a Project Visiting Assistant Professor, Dr. Liew offered his profound expertise in Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, and Leadership. The first lecture, “Planning and Recruiting HR in an International Perspective,” held on February 1, provided students with an in-depth look at the intricacies of assembling a high-performing global workforce. Dr. Liew’s session was integral to the KU BBA International Program’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive international education, equipping students with the knowledge to excel in a dynamic global business landscape. Continuing the momentum, the final day of the lecture series on February 3 focused on “Training and Development Employees,” delving into the critical areas of training programs and career management. Dr. Liew’s interactive approach fostered an engaging atmosphere, encouraging students to actively participate and connect theoretical concepts with practical applications in their aspiring careers. These lectures are a testament to the BBA International Program, Faculty of Business Administration, Kasetsart University’s dedication to offering…

KU’s Prowess on Display: Mandeep Singh Dechdeechachan Leads Team to Victory at TSAE Auto Challenge 2024

The Faculty of Business Administration, BBA International Program, Kasetsart University proudly announces the outstanding achievement of Mandeep Singh Dechdeechachan, a second-year Bachelor of Business Administration student, who led his team to a triumphant win in the business pitching competition at the TSAE Auto Challenge 2024. The event, organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers Thailand, was a testament to the university’s dedication to fostering talent that excels on national stages. Mandeep’s exceptional leadership skills were the cornerstone of the team’s success, guiding a collaborative effort with the KU engineering team to produce a winning pitch. This synergy highlighted our students’ interdisciplinary strengths, blending business strategy acumen with technical expertise. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Waranpong, BBA Director and Mandeep’s academic advisor, reflected on the victory with great pride, stating, “Mandeep’s exemplary leadership and teamwork aptitude were pivotal in the KU team’s performance. His ability to unite and steer his peers towards a common goal embodied the excellence we strive to instill in our students.” The success at the TSAE Auto Challenge 2024 serves as a personal accolade for Mandeep Singh Dechdeechachan and his fellow team members and as a collective achievement for Kasetsart University. It underscores the institution’s commitment to nurturing capable…

Unveiling the Art of Sponsorship Management: Information on Prof. Dr. Florian Riedmüller’s Seminar

On January 25, 2024, the KU BBA International Program’s first-year students partook in an enlightening seminar by Prof. Dr. Florian Riedmüller from Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm. The session’s objective was to enhance the student’s comprehension of marketing sponsorship management principles, particularly through the lens of Adidas’s strategic partnership with UEFA Euro. During this comprehensive lecture, Prof. Dr. Riedmüller meticulously outlined the intricacies of sponsorship agreements in international marketing. He illustrated how Adidas’s alliance with UEFA Euro served as a quintessential example of leveraging such partnerships to achieve marketing objectives on a global scale. The interactive case study component of the seminar allowed students to examine the dynamics between Adidas and UEFA Euro critically. This analysis provided a hands-on approach to understanding the multifaceted nature of marketing strategies in the sports industry, from conceptualization to execution. Prof. Dr. Riedmüller’s method of weaving theoretical knowledge with practical application facilitated a robust learning environment. As a result, the students gained an academic perspective and a practitioner’s insight into international marketing and sponsorship management. The seminar concluded with the students gaining a richer, more nuanced understanding of the subject matter. This academic venture has undoubtedly equipped the young minds at the KU…

KU BBA International Program’s New Year Homeroom Celebration 2024

As the calendar turned to 2024, the KU BBA International Program ushered in the new year with splendor and spirit on January 13, hosting an incredible Homeroom Party at the Asawin Hotel. This joyous evening was a celebration, a heartfelt welcome extended to our fresh-faced students, and a standing ovation for the seniors on the cusp of their next chapter. With immense appreciation, we recognize Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thamrongsak Svetalekth’s stirring words inaugurated the evening and infused the atmosphere with motivation and anticipation for the year ahead. The event was a tapestry of joy and imaginative expression, woven together by the enthusiastic participation of our distinguished lecturers—Assoc. Prof. Dr. Waranpong Boonsiritomachai, Dr. Eakapat Manitkajornkit, Assistant Professor Dr. Nattawoot Koowattanatianchai, and Mr. Gerald Lim. Embracing the Oscars theme, the night shone a spotlight on the creative talents within our ranks, culminating in a ‘Best Costume’ accolade awarded to a student whose outfit dazzled and delighted. The vibrant strains of a live band set the rhythm for the evening, while the delectable array of food, a medley of games, and the exchange of thoughtful gifts kept our guests’ spirits soaring. Credit for the seamless flow and unforgettable party moments goes to our…

Global Recognition: Kasetsart University’s BBA International Student Earns Prestigious Student Ambassador Title

On December 13, 2023, the Faculty of Business Administration at Kasetsart University announced a significant development. Mr. Nadon Chaipetcharatn, a student from the BBA International Program, was awarded the prestigious title of Student Ambassador for the Kasetsart Business School. In this role, Mr. Chaipetcharatn will represent the school in various activities and projects, embodying its values and mission. The selection process was rigorous and overseen by a distinguished committee. Candidates were evaluated on their presentation skills and their ability to articulate the vision of the Kasetsart Business School. They also faced challenging questions from the panel. Despite the demanding process, Mr. Chaipetcharatn showcased resilience and clarity, confidently answering the judges’ questions. His success testifies to his dedication and the high standard of education provided at Kasetsart University. Congratulations are extended to Mr. Chaipetcharatn for his accomplishment, which not only underlines his achievements but also enhances the reputation of the BBA International Program.

Strengthening Global Academic Ties: National University of Laos and KU Collaborate on Internationalization Strategies

On November 27, 2023, seventeen delegates from the Faculty of Economics and Business Management at the National University of Laos (NUOL) visited the Faculty of Business Administration at KU. In an enlightening discussion held in meeting room 1 on the 6th floor of the Faculty of Business Administration, the focus was on internationalization methodologies and best practices. Led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Waranpong Boonsiritomachai, the Director and Secretary of the KU BBA International Program, the team shared their successful program management strategies. Topics of academic cooperation, student and faculty exchanges, and the preparation of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) were discussed. Notably, the KU BBA International Program currently includes a student from Laos, who is the son of the ambassador of Laos to Thailand. This meeting underscores the valuable connections and collaborations between the universities, fostering global academic cooperation.

Global Excellence: Celebrating Student Achievements at the KU BBA International Program Scholarship Awarding Ceremony 2023

On December 28, 2023, the KU BBA International Program held its notable Scholarship Awarding Ceremony 2023, celebrating the academic achievements of its exceptional students. The event, hosted by KU BBA International Coordinator, Miss Kanyarat Niam-aim, took place at the auditorium of Building 1, Faculty of Business Administration, KU. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thamrongsak Svetalekth, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and other esteemed faculty members, including Dr. Sasivimol Meeampol, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, Assistant Professor Dr. Bordin Rasaamethes, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suparerk Sooksmarn delivered inspirational messages. A forum was also opened for students to discuss any concerns about their studies at the KU BBA International Program. The ceremony recognized scholarship recipients from the 1st to fourth years based on SAT scores and GPA. The awardees were as follows: 1st Year (SAT Score): Mr. Jamikorn Kornjaraskul (SAT Score 1320) Mr. Woramate Deemaitree (SAT Score 1270) Mr. Chotiwit Sukmart (SAT Score 1200) 2nd Year (GPA): Miss Benyapa Kandhachoti (GPA 4.00) Miss Kamolchanok Toenvithi (GPA 3.77) Miss Wimolsiri Changruenkul (GPA 3.67) 3rd Year (GPA): Miss Panicha Kosaiyaganon (GPA 3.87) Mr. Charuntorn Watcharinchalalai (GPA 3.86) Mr. Rattanasin Sintanabodee (GPA 3.78) Mr. Frank Thompson (GPA 3.78) 4th Year (GPA): Miss Apisama Chaowiwat…