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Unveiling Japanese Excellence: Professor Hiroo Takahashi Enlightens Kasetsart University’s BBA Program with Dual Lectures on Management and Culinary Globalization

Kasetsart University’s BBA International Program is thrilled to share that our third-year BBA students had the extraordinary opportunity to engage with global business and cultural perspectives through two captivating lectures by the distinguished Professor Hiroo Takahashi. Renowned for his academic contributions to International Management and Business Ethics, and as the former President of the Japan Society for Business Ethics Study (JSBES), Professor Takahashi enriched our students’ educational journey with his deep expertise and experience.

The students first attended a lecture on January 25, 2024, entitled “Japanese Management and Human Resource Management.” In this session, Professor Takahashi provided an in-depth analysis of the strategies employed by UNIQLO, offering a comparative study of its global challenges against those faced by ZARA and H&M. This lecture gave our third-year students a profound understanding of the intricacies of international business and the unique management style that Japan is known for.

The learning continued on Valentine’s Day. Professor Takahashi returned to deliver his second lecture, “What is the Globalization of Foods – Japanese Origin Foods.” He took the students on an exploratory journey of Japan’s culinary influence worldwide, setting it against the backdrop of American fast-food giants like McDonald’s and KFC. He discussed the global popularity of sushi, cup noodles, and soy sauce, sharing insights into their history, the innovation behind their creation, and their strategic worldwide expansion. The lecture was an engaging discourse on the impact of culture on global business, leaving the third-year students with a lasting impression of the power of cultural contributions in the international market.

These events were a privilege for our students and an embodiment of our commitment to providing a globalized educational environment. We deeply thank Professor Hiroo Takahashi for sharing his invaluable insights and enhancing our student’s academic experience.