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Chinese-Taiwanese Professor, Dr. Angela Yang, Inspires KU BBA Students with Lecture on Intellectual Property Value Conversion

On October 25 – 28, 2023, Dr. Angela Yang, a Chinese-Taiwanese Adjunct Assistant Professor at Assumption University (MBA), NTUT, and ChihLee University of Technology, delivered a captivating lecture to third-year KU BBA International Program students majoring in Finance and Management. The lecture focused on Basic Research Intellectual Property Value Conversion Trigology, providing students with valuable insights into this important topic. Dr. Yang, also a Senior Consultant at All Stars Consulting Firm, shared her expertise and engaged the students with interactive discussions and practical examples. The lecture highlighted the significance of intellectual property value conversion in today’s competitive business landscape. The event aimed to offer students a global perspective and exposure to different cultural and business practices. Dr. Yang’s lecture perfectly aligned with this objective, expanding the students’ knowledge and encouraging critical thinking. Overall, Dr. Angela Yang’s inspiring lecture left the KU BBA students equipped with valuable insights for their future careers in finance and management.