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KU BBA Students Gain Insights from Expert-Led CRM Lecture Series

In a recent series of informative lectures, 3rd-year students from the KU BBA International Program immersed themselves in the intricacies of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), guided by Mr. NG Kwan Kiat, Kelvin, an esteemed Academic Director from IACADEMY PTE LTD, Singapore. The three-part series stretched over consecutive Fridays, began with an introduction to CRM implementation on March 22, 2024, enlightening students about the fundamental components and advantages of CRM integration within business operations.

Progressing to March 29, the series offered a hands-on approach as students engaged in a CRM case study, scrutinizing the real-life application of CRM tactics in established companies. The concluding lecture on April 5 turned the spotlight on CRM evaluation, where students showcased their analytical skills by dissecting and critiquing the CRM models of various companies they had researched.

Mr. Kelvin’s seasoned expertise in management consultancy and his expertise in higher education proved to be a cornerstone of the series, providing students with a wealth of practical knowledge and a global outlook. His contribution was pivotal in bridging academic concepts with their application in the business arena, underscoring the significance of CRM in fostering business success.