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KU BBA International Program Hosts Esteemed Audit Director for Insightful Lecture Series

From March 5 to 8th, 2024, it was our honor to welcome Mr. Muhammad Jaseem Khan, Audit Director at Grant Thornton LLP in Boston, USA, to deliver an enlightening series of lectures over four days. Mr. Khan, who has an impressive professional tenure exceeding thirteen years in international accounting, auditing, and financial reporting, imparted his extensive knowledge to the first-year KU BBA International Program students.

The scope of the lecture series was extensive, addressing several critical topics, including:

-Detailed examination of financial statements and financial ratios

-An in-depth discussion on the nuances of property, plant, and equipment, intangible assets, and impairment considerations

– Comprehensive analysis of trade receivables and the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) model

Mr. Khan distinguished himself by adeptly weaving his substantial international experience with the theoretical foundations of our academic program. His ability to animate each subject with vivid, real-life examples connected the theoretical underpinnings of accounting with its practical, rapidly evolving landscape.

We deeply thank Mr. Khan for sharing his expertise with us. His participation has greatly enriched our academic community, and we eagerly anticipate future engagements of a similar caliber.