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Jump Program in Taiwan 2024

The KU BBA International Program announced the successful completion of the JUMP Tour Program in Taiwan, which took place from May 12 to 15, 2024. This initiative represented a significant step towards enriching academic partnerships and expanding international exchange opportunities.

During the visit, productive discussions were held with I-Shou University to explore avenues for future collaboration and student exchange programs. These interactions served as a cornerstone of KU BBA’s commitment to fostering a global educational environment and providing diverse learning experiences for students. The visit was led by Dr. Eakapat Manitkajornkit, one of the Directors of the KU BBA International Program.

In addition to meeting with university officials, the team was honored to visit current exchange students at Yuan Ze University. It was inspiring to witness their academic progress at an institution renowned for its innovative approach to higher education and its role as a benchmark for emerging universities.

Anticipation is high for the fruitful outcomes these visits will yield and the continued expansion of international academic networks.